Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The awesome blog Dangerous Minds (which is fast becoming indispensable) turned me on to this insanely catchy song from Forbidden Zone, a 1980 mondo musical - mondo beyondo, by the looks of it - by the Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo - better known today as Richard Elfman and his brother Danny, film-score maestro extraordinaire. I have always heard of this movie, but had no idea it was on DVD. I will need to track it down. And oh, look, there's Hervé Villechaize smoking one of his trademark cigars.

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, here comes Susan Tyrrell with "Witch's Egg."

I, for one, had no idea witches were oviparous.

UPDATE: The Sacred Fools Theater Company will be producing a stage version in May, 2010. Sounds like fun!

UPDATE II: Here's a trailer:


Thursday, September 3, 2009

CINDERELLA 2000: Tomorrow's Sexiest Comedy - Today!

Tip of the hat to the excellent Dangerous Minds blog, which has turned me on to the sexploitation musical Cinderella 2000. The trailer is a sheer delight. Nobody did sleaze like the late '70s.

"Welcome to the future, in the hopes that it will suit ya!" Might be a bit NSFW.