Thursday, July 17, 2008

ROCKY HORROR - Once More, with Puppets!

In March 2006, the Collin Theatre Center at Collin College in Plano, TX, presented what must be the most unique and innovative Rocky Horror in years - The Rocky Horror (Puppet) Show! Directed by Dane Hoffman and Brad Baker with puppets by James Ortiz, this production looks like a bracing blast of fresh imagination for the fairly stale Rocky franchise, as exemplified by the touristy Broadway production of a few years ago.

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It's rare that I see photos of a Rocky Horror and wonder what, exactly, was going on. The entire cast seem to have their own little puppet avatars, somewhat akin to the combination puppet / costumes created by Julie Taymor for The Lion King. Rocky is a 10-foot rough-hewn rod puppet with five operators, and there appear to be some "Transylvanian" marionettes. Meanwhile, a faux Statler and Waldorf provide audience participation heckles from their box. Wow. Now this is something I'd have loved to see!

Check out the production's website for a gallery of intriguing photos (including a smoking hot Frank) and rave reviews. I wish more people would take up the gauntlet of making Rocky Horror fresh and interesting again!


Amy Douglas said...

This....looks......creepy. More like a GWAR show, than the sexy racy Rocky Horror I know and love.

Ruth said...

And the link to the production would be where?

I moused over the photos and viewed your source code, and it's not jumping out at me.

This does look interesting. Though I disagree with your take on the Broadway RHS; while it was touristy, I thought it was nice to have someone re-examine the music again. The last time someone seriously went over the music that I can think of was the groundbreaking Australian soundtrack in the early 1990s.

Of course now all the college production's copy the Broadway's take on the music instead of copying the Roxy. But that's par for the course.