Thursday, July 3, 2014

Steven Spielberg's CATS

So, it's come to light that Steven Spielberg's short-lived Amblimation studio was developing an animated version of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's megamusical CATS. The project fizzled when the studio closed in 1997. Now, however, artist Luc Desmarchelier is sharing some of his concept art, and it looks gorgeous!

I loved this musical when I was a kid, and vividly remember going to see the bus & truck production of it around about 1984 or so. I also have a very fond memory of walking along the beach at night with the overture playing in my Walkman headset.  While my grown-up tastes now find it rather twee, I must say this looks like it would have been a lovely visual spectacle, and the only barely anthropomorphized cats would have given it a life all its own. I now quite regret that this never made it to the big screen.

Hat tip to io9.

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